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Been a while since you updated your website?
Regular website maintenance is very important.

Your website may be the first impression a potential customer receives of your business.
Does your website convey the image you have in mind for your business?

New information, current events, and interesting changes keeps your website fresh and encourages your visitors to return.
Has your website been stagnant for some time now?

Current clients and potential clients are using your website to locate you.
Do you have up to date information such as personnel, phone numbers, mailing
addresses, physical addresses and email addresses on your website?

Many search engines have changed or added new criterion for ranking websites.
When was the last time you had your website optimized for better search ranking?

Refreshing modifications to your website increase your chances of higher rankings in search engines.
When was the last time you had your website professionally submitted to the major
search engines and directories?

Keep up with current information technology.
Have you thought about adding an enhancement to your website such as an online
catalog, database, flash animation, new graphics or an email newsletter?

Your website is the least expensive form of professional advertising available.
Keep it sharp. Keep it fresh. Keep it current.

We have all the tools necessary to create the website you envision:

  • Reduced rates for monthly maintenance and submission services
  • Web Traffic and Web Position Reports
  • E-Commerce Solutions (e.g. shopping cart, online catalog, back office admin, etc.)
  • Online Database Integration (e.g. database driven websites, online inventory, etc.)
  • Email Newsletters to your clients or business associates
  • Intranet Development (web applications for local closed networks)
  • Flash Animation
  • Streaming Audio/Video/Graphics (e.g. Realvideo, Windows Media Format, 360° photos)
  • Online Discussions, Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, Surveys & Polls
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Internet Promotions, INC.