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Why do I need a website?

Low cost advertising
An ad in the yellow pages costs hundreds of dollars per month. A print ad in a magazine can cost thousands. Our standard website hosting fee is only $24.95 per month.

The Internet potential is virtually endless
Traditional advertising reaches thousands of people. A Website reaches millions of people.

Your competition is already on the Web
At this very moment, your competition may already have a presence on the Internet, or they will soon. With the help of the Internet, many companies will thrive and prosper as the ability to reach new customers is multiplied exponentially, while others still using print media will fall behind. The larger, successful businesses all have a website by now. They are using the Internet to effectively promote their goods and services, and you can, too!

A website is more informative
Traditional advertising gives the potential client your business name, address, phone number, and maybe a graphic that indicates what type of business you are in. A website gives all that and much more. It can contain detailed information about your company and it's history. It can give in-depth descriptions of your services or products, including photos or examples of your work. You can even sell your products directly over the Internet with an online catalog and shopping cart!

A website provides immediate access to your company
Your clients will be able to view to your products, catalogs and other vital information when they want to, not when you are available to answer the phone. While print media may be traveling slowly through the mail, web-based data is readily available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

The Internet is the driving force of the new economy
People no longer have to drive to the local shopping center to purchase their products or services. With a simple click of the mouse, they can get anything they need. Like it or not--if you are not on the Internet, many of those people will not find you. Don't get left behind!
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